1-to-1 Work

1:1 work is based on your individual Soul Journey and your current aspirations, desires, goals and challenges.
We start by having a Free Chat over Zoom or phone to discuss what it is you are looking for, and I will tune into your Higher Self to see how aligned what you want is to the reality of what your Soul is ready to experience and make happen right now. Based on these findings, we map out your goals, how long it will take and in what format we need to work (e.g. stand-alone sessions or else a continuous 5-day a week guidance plus sessions over a month/ a few months).

As a special opportunity for November-December 2023 ONLY: I am offering Optimum Soul Alignment Alchemy Sessions: receive guidance on what’s happening in areas of your life you might be confused about or need help with. The Guidance is received from your own Soul (Higher Self), your personal spiritual guidance, my Light Guides and the Source. This session includes energetic life healing at the level of ALL Life and Energy Elements that you may need, plus a recording with at least one Channeled Bespoke Life-Optimizing process.

To book, please Send an Inquiry or else book a Free Discovery Call HERE.
(If you cannot find the times that suit you when booking your call, please email me and we will come up with a better time that suits us both.)