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Embody Your Authentic Self: Soul Coaching, PSYCH-K & Healing to help you become more confident, Relaxed, improve Relationships and Bring Your Best to the World.

Would you love to live as the most Confident and Joyful Expression of who you are meant to be?

I help people reconnect their mind with their Higher Potential (their Superconscious or Soul) – so that they live their most enjoyable, peaceful and successful lives with happier relationships & expressing their fullest selves!

Once upon a time, I lived a cynical, cold and uninteresting existence; as a teen I even contemplated finishing off with my life. Through a series of events, I rediscovered my Inner Spark, my Soul! This helped me heal much of my childhood and adult trauma, genetic and familial patterns and it brought clarity, joy and purpose to my life! To be able to access information and abilities that my superconscious self has – is an incredible way of living! It is much less random, reactionary and fearful, and feels like having the right tools to living this life and not surviving it all the time!

In he last 16 years, I have worked with over 2000 people; helping them let go of the fear from their past and worry about their future, and facilitated their self-discovery, self-appreciation and clarity on how to create their best life with power, courage and purpose, so that they can experience life as being manageable, joyful and deeply meaningful.

People often come to me when they’re ready for big positive changes or any time they feel stuck, confused or overwhelmed and would love to move past those experiences.

You are welcome to reach out through the contact form or book a free Discovery Call to find how I could help you step into more of who you were always meant to be – spiritually, energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically!

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About Kamilla:

Kamilla Harra is an Author, Light Channel & Healer, who is also a preferred PSYCH-K® facilitator, Systematic Kinesiologist, Sacred Sound & Song channel. Kamilla’ s formal educational journey began with BA in Psychology in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and she spent her twenties and thirties developing her ‘supernatural’ abilities and studying holistic, developmental, and social psychology, EFT, PSYCH-K™, nutrition and kinesiology, as well as researching ancient and contemporary mystics and yogis, quantum physics, sacred geometry, extrasensory perception, multiple healing modalities, energy medicine, shamanic teachings, she also practiced meditation, including Vipassana, Buddhist, Transendental and others.

She has appeared on the Irish TV3’s ‘How Healthy Are You?, and on TV3 Saturday AM Show, has written for the Green Living NZ magazine, Organic NZ Magazine and appeared on ‘English Talks 2017: The Brain 1000 Inspiring Ideas’. She recognised the importance of healing and harmony on many levels, so she taught raw nutrition and free-from classes for 6 years in Ireland and New Zealand. Kamilla is a co-author of ‘Love – Elevated’ published on the 12th of April 2023 and is in the process of writing her second book ‘The Embodiment of Shadow and Light’.

Creator of The Conscious Wholeness™ Healing Method

Creator of The Authentic Confidence™ Programme

Leads Sacred Soul Support group, numerous workshops.

You can work with Kamilla online from anywhere in the world.

There is also a limited number of in-person sessions each month at:

Blessington (LakeShore Centre), Co. Wicklow, Ireland

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